Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Playa del Carmen is Important

Today, a committee of dedicated volunteers is launching a community event that should prove to be one of the best that Playa del Carmen has seen in many years. Though Playa is known for its events, community and continued playfulness, Taste of Playa 2009 is sure to be a hit with everyone. They sure got our vote!

As a Playa Del Carmen business for over 13 years, we have been through some good times and some not so great times. We remember it all, and are thankful for the experiences we have received and the experiences that we are able to give our clients. Whereever there is an action there is always an opposing reaction and we have proven that again and again.

There are times when we ask for support and there are times when we give support. This is a time that we feel, as a Playa del Carmen business, it is important to show our support. Abyss Dive Center has quickly and without question decided to support, as a sponsor, Taste of Playa 2009 to show the world that this is a great place to live, visit and work.

The committee is working hard out of a passion for where they live. We work hard each and every day out of a passion for where we live. This basic commonality is why we think this event is important. To add to the commonality, we admire the committees willingness to donate a portion of the proceeds to Aklu’um International School, a relatively new addition to the Playa scholastic system that is not for profit and has over 36% of the children on scholarship.

This is a win win situation and we encourage anyone else who wants to support to come out as a sponsor or an attendee. It is a date to keep in mind and we will be there, eating, drinking and having a great time with our friends and visitors in the Parque Fundadores September 5, 2009.


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