Tuesday, December 06, 2005


so in our frenzy to dive and dive and dive....we forgot that Christmas is fast approaching....fast approaching, and we are going ot amke your life really easy. Let us introduce online shopping at its best...and the perfect gift for any diver. ABYSS DIVE PACKAGES, COURSES, CENOTE TRIPS AND MORE can be purchased online and a gift certificate sent to your email or the email of your friend. So not only are we the only (well one of the very few) dive center who pampers you, carries your equipment, guides you endlessly underwater to see great stuff, but we can do your Christmas shopping in just a few clicks! Thank us later when you come to dive. We are always trying to find solutions under the water and on land. This is a no-brainer and you would be crazy to pass this up.

We have had people purchase wedding presents, burthday presents and just friendly presents before their friends arrive. So what stops us form making Christmas presents for the diver who has it all! Think of the hardest person to buy for and get them a course....a specialty, advanced, or even an open water course. THe gift certificates are valid for a year so get on it and make your life super simple.

So how do you do this. Just send us an email, info@abyssdiveshop.com, let us know what you would like to purchase, where you want it delivered and we will send you all the information you need. I think in 5 minutes your shopping will be done. Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, Cenotes, Wine Dive 2006 tickets, you name it we have it. Shop away!

Have fun with this new concept and have your shopping done by....manana....by next year we will have an online shopping page so you can order Abyss t-shirts, Abyss wear or whatever else we can find to make your life easy!

See, we are always looking out after you.....wait until next week when we find other goodies to get you back in the water...did I hear Wine Dive 2006...on Senor Daves BIRTHDAY!!!! NOt a bash to miss but details will come later....it is time for a night dive in Casa Cenote....