Friday, November 24, 2006


Well we are in...we are now hotel operators and it has been fun, Mexican fun, but fun. The process has taken a little longer than we thought...well three weeks longer, but finally after some Mexican negotiations, and that does not mean tequila, we have access, and we are working hard to get this together for our divers and friends.

We can not lie, we have had some surprises, the hotel is great, we love it and our vision will come over time, but with a three week delay we can not get the renovations done that we wanted. All in good time we say, all in good time. The pool, cenote, terraces and garden are beautiful, the ocean view lounge will take some time but this time next year you will see Dave and Nicola lounging by the pool, drinking margaritas and enjoying life like the rest of you.

Last week, Roberto baptised the pool with our first student. It is perfect for students and less than 50 meters away...gone are the days of walking up the hill to Panchos for your pool sessions, gone are the days of ocean pool sessions, mind you i think this is a drag and i think some may opt out for it, but for those who want to try scuba in a safe environment, or a thought to be safe environment, all the instrcutors are keen to take you into the pool and let you try. For the rest of you certified divers, it is a great post dive area to hang out....drink some beer, swap stories and just have fun...

Our staff at the htoel are great and thus far we are please. Catalino was part of the deal, he is our maintenance man and knows every single nook and cranny of the hotel...there is no guessing here as he knows it all....gracias dios for Catalino.

Doug is one of our instructors who is stellar at custmer service and wanted a change. He is managing the staff and making sure you get what you need. We are also pleased he decided to stick around and take on this position as we can truly provide the continum of customer care that we envisioned with this new project.

Leticia cleans the rooms and Juan mans reception. If you have a question you let him know as he is the man with the information. Leticia takes great pride in her work and is as detail oriented as Nicola.....

So the team is here to serve you once again in a great place, a tranquil place, and a place we hope everyone will call home. The new website should be up and running soon so we will let you know...and finally, the party has been moved to the second Saturday in January sooooo if you thought you missed the one this weekend, you are still have a chance to make start looking for that ticket and come on down...the delay in our entrance has created a delay in the party so if you thought you were the unlucky one, you are now the lucky one..

So give us an email at or and hook yourself up...diving and playing all in the same fab...